These are the first days; these are the final days.


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Party At The World's End cover

Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with Lilith and her band of fallen Gods, in the final days of the American Empire. This is the story of the Fallen who walk amongst us, and hints of the world to come.

Lyrical, surrealist and raw, Party At The World's End isn't afraid to defy expectation at every turn.

A novel by James Curcio.

First in the Fallen Cycle transmedia series.

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The Fallen Cycle


She went down beyond the mountains and disappeared between the crease of sky and land, like a great eyelid folding shut. No one knows what happened out in the Black Hills, but I imagine she lies buried in a rusty coffin under the stars. She had Marilyn’s enchanting gaze, Hendrix’s cool, Morrison’s smoldering insanity, but the grave was still surely bare. Not that it mattered. Her face was burned into all our minds, forever. When she returns, there is no telling the kind of vengeance she'll demand of us.

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Credits and Background

Party At The World's End is the first installment in a project already over a decade in development.

The early development for this project came from the collaboration of a number of people, including J F Stackhouse, Anna Young-Kelland, Nate Sampsel, Joseph Matheny, Nathan Sampsel, and many others, such as those involved in the original "Fas Ferox" project in 2003-6.

Site art and design by James Curcio. Book cover photograph by James Curcio and Jeff Cohn, models: Key, Genna Bee, Tamar Levine, Adrianne Anderson. Background art by James Curcio, photographer Jeff Cohn, model Key.

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